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Botanical Beverages

Join the Blue Hill beverage team to learn how different seasons, growing spaces, and ingredients inspire the creation of a beverage. The class includes a farm walk followed by a cocktail demonstration and tasting, with light bites throughout. Early access is available for Seedling members and above before tickets go on sale to the public.

April – Seasonal Variations on Classic Cocktails
May – Flavors of Early Spring
June – Forage: Fungi, Botanicals, Plants
July – Plant: Grains, Seeds, Cover crops
August – Grow: Utilizing All Parts of the Vegetable or Fruit
September – Harvest: Roasting, Fermenting, Sprouting
October – Preserve: Pickling, Preserving, Fermenting
November – Texture: Fat-Washing Spirits in Cocktails
December – Winter Libations: Toddies, Punches, and Nogs


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Photo by Luis Ruiz

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