Chef in Residence X Arts & Ecology

Residency Ceramics

The experience of flavor begins in the soil. The intimate partnership between a land steward and a chef holds the key to unlocking how flavor is translated to a diner.

But the connection of a meal to nature does not end with the food we eat. As we experienced through the Chef in Residence at Stone Barns program, a tablescape setting can form an essential component of building a relationship between diner and the surrounding ecosystem.

The Arts & Ecology initiative at Stone Barns works in collaboration with chefs, land stewards, artists and designers to highlight handcraft rooted in an ecological food culture.

The Stone Barns Arts & Ecology team paired each resident chef with a featured potter to draw out these themes in exceptional dinnerware that represented creative collaborations rooted in a shared reverence for ecology. We are thrilled to make select pieces from these exquisite collections available for sale to our community.

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