Carbon Farming: Science and Practice

This session of the Young Farmers Conference was streamed live on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at Stone Barns Center.

Carbon Farming: Science and practice

Carbon farming is rising in prominence nationally, both as a farm viability strategy and as a climate change solution. As both market and policy-based carbon farming initiatives grow, farmers are increasingly being asked to speak to their farms’ greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, and climate change resilience. These conversations can offer opportunities for customer education and engagement, as well as for growing community support for regenerative practices at the leading edge of the industry. This workshop will summarize the most up-to-date science and experience in the field on carbon farming’s opportunities and challenges across production systems. The workshop will also explore how farms can effectively adopt carbon farming practices and engage with emerging structures such as state-level soil health initiatives and environmental service markets.

Speaker: Connor Stedman

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