Cait Burns

Cait Burns is a Crops Farmer at Stone Barns Center. Her enthusiasm for environmental stewardship has deep roots in her childhood. She grew up in the Finger Lakes, where she spent her time swimming, hanging out in trees, helping in her mother’s garden, and going on neighborhood walks to clean up litter. Doing everything she can to care for the living world is second nature to her.

Cait was introduced to organic farming in 2020 at a small farm-to-table operation in western New York. There, she found her true passion for environmental justice, regenerative agriculture, and farming practices that are sustainable for people and the planet alike. She believes that a transparent relationship between farmers, chefs, and the public is crucial for thriving food systems. She looks forward to learning all she can at Stone Barns and building a sense of community that is vital in farming.

On the side: Cait loves horror movies, video games, camping, cooking, reading, paddle boarding, trying all sorts of arts and crafts, and is a devoted advocate of the shower beer.

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