Corissa Damato

Corissa Damato is an accountant at Stone Barns Center. Her passion for the environment sprouted at a young age through volunteer experiences with the Teatown Lake Reservation, Global Works, and Hilltop Hanover Farm. Previously, Corissa worked for Nodeweave Technologies, where she supported the development of data analysis software by researching new markets. Her interest in the growth and development of an environmentally sustainable food future led her to change course and join the team at Stone Barns Center. Corissa holds a B.S. in accounting from Arcadia University and an M.S. in corporate social responsibility with environmental management from the University of York.

At Stone Barns Center, Corissa helps ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable and carefree time on the farm.

On the side: Corissa can be found playing tennis, hiking the Hudson Valley, attending local food festivals, and spending time with her guinea pig, Scruffles.

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