Jess Coslow

Jess Coslow is Senior Livestock Manager at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture and directly oversees our poultry program. She has been farming and working with poultry for more than ten years, and she has a background in Livestock Nutrition, Management, and Educational Services. Over the years she has raised thousands of laying hens, turkeys, and broilers in pasture-based farm systems. She is currently enrolled in Kenny Troiano’s Breeders Academy, where she is studying poultry genetics to inform breeding for quality and performance.

Jess studied environmental science and agriculture in college, but she gained her first farming experiences as a WWOOFer, where her lifelong interest in working outside with nature finally “clicked.” She later managed a regenerative livestock farm team in Oregon, where she taught farm interns about pasture-based livestock systems.

A key formative experience in developing Jess’ love and respect for animals was her time as an animal welfare officer, enforcing the state of Oregon’s animal codes in respect to animal neglect and abuse. She found herself in court rooms prosecuting offenders while protecting the animals within her community, rescuing animals out of horrible living conditions. In addition to animal husbandry and care, Jess is passionate about soil biology and livestock genetics.

On the side: Jess enjoys playing the piano and writing short stories.

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