Karina Curry

Karina Curry is an Education Coordinator at Stone Barns Center. Karina supports the development and execution of collaborative learning experiences for the SBC staff as well as public audiences. Since attempting to turn an abandoned lot into a community garden as a child, she has sought out community organizing initiatives that focus on interdisciplinary education. At Vassar College, where she received her degree in Media Studies and Education, she hosted a radio show at the college station that focused on local Hudson Valley food systems while decentering western food cultures. Much of her academic career centered around exploring food as a mediation site for cultural critique. Stone Barns Center’s mission to build an ecological food culture resonates with Karina’s passions in its emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration.

On the side: Karina loves challenging herself to cook recipes her friends send to her, doing hot yoga in the cold winter months, and crocheting knitwear for her perfect cat Kiko.

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