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Kristen Beddard

Kristen Beddard is the Senior Project Manager at Stone Barns Center. Her interest in organic and sustainable food began at an early age through the inspiration of her mother, who made healthy home-cooked meals a priority.

After receiving a BA in communications from Penn State University, Kristen worked in account management at Ogilvy New York. She has consulted for Lady Moon Farms, a large organic vegetable farm on the East Coast. In 2011, her family relocated to Paris, France, and when she was unable to find her favorite comfort food, kale, she launched The Kale Project, an initiative to reintroduce the heirloom vegetable to France. Through her work with local farmers and chefs, kale is now available throughout the country. The project led to writing Bonjour Kale: A Memoir of Paris, Love and Recipes. Her passion for building a better food system deepened during her time in France, where she was able to experience first-hand the importance of a strong food culture and the emotional connection to where food comes from, cooking and the pleasure of mealtime.

On the side: Kristen enjoys the weekly farmer’s market and creating a connection with food for her two young daughters.

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