Lindsey Weiss

Lindsey Weiss is a Livestock Farmer at Stone Barns Center. As a double major in Gender Studies and Theatre at Northwestern University, Lindsey’s interests in food justice and manual labor led them to appreciate the role of local, regenerative agriculture in building strong communities. They fell in love with growing food during an apprenticeship in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and have since sought to cultivate a closer, more reciprocal relationship with the ecological system. 

Lindsey worked on farms in Vermont and Brooklyn, and their specific affinity for livestock grew from working with camels, goats, horses, donkeys and chickens at the Bronx Zoo. Prior to their career in agriculture, Lindsey also worked as a performer and technician in the theater industry. Both farming and the arts require a sense of community, wonder and excitement that Lindsey feels fortunate to apply in their everyday work.

On the side: Lindsey loves horror movies, flavored coffee, playing guitar and autoharp, and being outdoors (which is, admittedly, not a side interest for a farmer.)

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