Maryn is a Senior Livestock Coordinator at Stone Barns Center, but she did not grow up in farming. It wasn’t until she went to the University of Delaware and worked on the university’s Webb Farm that she developed a love of agriculture and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

After college Maryn moved away from agriculture, working as an Animal Control Officer and then transitioning to a general shelter position. Eventually she sought to return to farming, leading her to the Accokeek Foundation in Maryland.

At the Accokeek Foundation, Maryn served as Livestock Manager and managed its Heritage Breed Conservation Program. In this role she learned about the intersection of historical and cultural identity, as well as the importance of land stewardship and regenerative agriculture practices. Maryn is passionate about listening to and learning from the land.

On the side: Maryn enjoys sewing costumes, crafting, playing board games, and cuddling with her very vocal cat.

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