Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is the livestock director at Stone Barns Center. Mike and his wife Molly owned and operated a multi-species livestock farm in Virginia for five years prior to coming to Stone Barns. Practicing holistic management concepts, they rotationally grazed cattle, sheep and pigs across 700 acres of leased pastures and sold the meat throughout the D.C. metro area.

Prior to farming, Mike worked as a chef for seven years, primarily in the Aspen Valley in Colorado. His desire to learn the production methods of the producers he was working with led him to a farming internship and subsequent move to Virginia. In Virginia, he worked in a variety of farm manager roles before forming his family’s farm business.

Mike grew up near his family’s dairy farm in Illinois, so was exposed to agriculture and food from a young age. Fruits and vegetables from his grandmother’s garden, homemade pies and fresh milk are all fond food memories from his childhood.

On the side: Mike’s passion for agriculture and food carries over into his son Alden’s upbringing. You’ll often see he and his wife Molly, who is also a farmer and photographer, out around the farm!