Usher Gay

Usher Gay is a groundskeeper at Stone Barns Center. Near the end of high school, Usher took some time to work on a horse ranch in Taos, New Mexico, for two years. During this time he developed a passion for the land and its inhabitants. While studying music at Georgia Southern University, Usher took up beekeeping and experimented with gardening and horticulture. Working with bees afforded Usher a greater understanding of how small changes to an ecosystem can dramatically affect animals and their relationship with the environment. Usher spent the last fifteen years working in roles in and adjacent to agriculture, including positions at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York Botanical Garden. Working at Stone Barns Center has been a dream of his for a number of years, and he is thrilled to join the Ecology Team here.

On the side: Usher enjoys history, cooking, writing music, hiking, and re-listening to podcasts he fell asleep to the night before.

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