Farm-Driven Cuisine

Eating for Healthier Farms

At the heart of our work is encouraging the adoption of farm-driven cuisine, which, like all great cuisines, evolves from a conversation between the land and the table.

Farm-driven cuisine is farming for and then eating foods that contribute to ecological health and resilience. It’s a way of eating and cooking that respects what a farm needs to grow, raise or do to be healthy. It embraces foods produced through ecological growing methods and that celebrate the characteristics of a particular place or region. It’s about inventing a cuisine the values not just the farm stars—like tomatoes, corn, wheat—but one that brings joy from the beet, parsnips, legumes and less commonly used grains like spelt and rye, which support healthy crop rotations.

Food produced and consumed in this way—as a partnership between the farmer and the eater—tastes better and nourishes body, mind and earth. Such a way of eating should be open to all: It should be in our schools, hospitals, office cafeterias and the many other institutions where people eat every day.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns—the award-winning, world-renowned restaurant located in one of the farm’s historic buildings—partners with the farmers at Stone Barns to demonstrate innovative farm-driven cuisine, bringing the field and pasture to the plate and increasing awareness of our philosophy. Blue Hill is a vital part of the Stone Barns community: Chefs and servers collaborate with farmers in all stages of growing and are as excited about harvesting new varieties of vegetables in the fields as they are about preparing them in imaginative ways. Blue Hill chefs teach cooking classes offered through Stone Barns Center member programs.  And the restaurant purchases a majority of what’s grown and raised on the farm.

The partnership between Stone Barns Center and Blue Hill is mutually reinforcing and supportive: a nonprofit organization and a business working hand-in-hand on the same land toward the shared goal of changing the way America eats and farms.