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Farm Share

Enrollment for the 2022 Farm Share Program is open! From June to November, we offer Stone Barns Center members weekly vegetable boxes featuring a diverse selection from the Stone Barns Center farm. Through our Arts & Ecology Lab, we also offer weekly pick-ups of fresh bouquets for your home. Home gardeners who want to grow their own have access to our Garden Kits. Looking for an egg share? We will have eggs in production in the fall.

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The 2022 vegetable and flower shares are only available to Stone Barns Center members and require active membership for the duration of the season. Sign-up for a membership here. Members will receive links to purchase the vegetable and flower shares via email. SNAP recipients are welcome to purchase vegetable shares without a membership.

Farm Share Program Highlights

  • Every week of the Farm Share is an adventure—as the season changes, so do the contents of the share.
  • Learn more about seasonal eating and how we can use food to address climate change through weekly updates.
  • Try something new! Our Vegetable and Flower Share selections highlight adaptive and unique varieties.
  • Our innovative work with seed breeding and organic methods allows our members to experience firsthand the research and development emerging from the Stone Barns Center farm, the Innovation Labs and Blue Hill kitchen.
  • Experience the joy of growing your own vegetables and flowers through our Garden Kits, with Stone Barns Center’s Arts & Ecology and Farm teams as your guide.
  • Join us on campus for Field Workshops with farmers and members.


The Stone Barns Center Vegetable Share
What distinguishes the Stone Barns Center Vegetable Share from other CSAs? We’re on a mission to involve and educate our community. Through weekly storytelling, evaluations and workshops, members will deeply connect with the growing process from seed to harvest. The Vegetable Share is an opportunity to learn about climate change, food insecurity and farmer equity, as well as to foster an ongoing connection with our members. By joining the Vegetable Share, members pledge their commitment—to farmers, ecological partners and their community—to create a better food system together.


  • Vegetable Farm Share Levels:
    • Standard: Approximately $50/week, charged upfront for the season
    • Supporting Neighbor: The cost of a standard share + $375.00 towards donated Vegetable Shares and Garden Kits for local partners like the Life Center, serving women and children in the immigrant community; Sleepy Hollow High School‘s food insecurity initiative; and various community gardens. Thank you for joining us in addressing food insecurity and increasing access to healthy, nourishing food.
    • SNAP share: $16/week, payable via EBT card. We ask that SNAP members sign up for the whole season as a commitment to our program, but we will charge by the week during pick-up.
  • Registration includes one share of farm-fresh produce from our fields, greenhouse and terrace garden every week until November 19.
  • Share prices will be prorated as the 2022 season progresses until the Vegetable Shares are sold out.
  • Only full shares are available; we do not sell half shares. If you are looking for half shares or a different pick-up schedule, please refer to the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition.

How it Works:

  • Your share will be available for pick-up on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00am – 4:00pm.
  • Each week’s share provides enough produce to supplement a two- to four-person household.
  • SNAP shares do not require a Stone Barns Center membership. If you would like to sign up for a SNAP share, please email info@stonebarnscenter.org to receive your enrollment link, while supplies last.


Members will receive an email with a link to purchase. If you haven’t received one, please email membership@stonebarnscenter.org.

The Stone Barns Center Flower Share
We are offering weekly pick-ups of our fresh blooms. These subscriptions are offered for a full season of bouquets (weekly through October) or for two month bundles. Help support the Arts & Ecology Lab’s goal of creating a market for pollinator-friendly plants by showcasing these flowers in your home. The Arts & Ecology Lab works in collaboration with the farm to feature the unique benefits of the plants in our hedgerows and pollinator gardens, as well as provide you with access to new cut flower varieties from our trial research gardens. The Lab also works with florists and advocates in the flower supply chain to broadcast design trends that support small-scale floriculture and climate-beneficial plants.


  • Cut Flower Farm Share Levels:
    • Whole season or monthly shares, consisting of weekly bouquets until October 28: Approximately $50/week, charged upfront for the season.
    • Share prices will be prorated as the 2022 season progresses until the Flower Shares are sold out.

How It Works

  • Subscribers to the Flower Share will receive updates including plant variety information, their diverse applications and profiles of regional flower farmers and artisans.


Members will receive an email with a link to purchase. If you haven’t received one, please email membership@stonebarnscenter.org.

The Stone Barns Center Garden Kits

Join the Arts & Ecology Lab and the Seed Lab in their ongoing research and exploration with our Garden Kits. Each Kit provides all the seeds, plants, supplies, schematics and background information necessary for you and your household to create an abundant home garden. We also offer virtual garden information sessions to review the Kit contents and to answer questions, and members of our farm team and Innovation Labs are available for garden consultation via a dedicated Garden Kit inbox. Garden Kit participants are invited to a Stone Barns Center Field Day for a garden tour, with our farmers and artisans sharing tips and tricks.

  • The Vegetable Kit: $450 + sales tax
  • The Cut Flower Kit: $300 + sales tax
  • Garden Kits are available to members and non-members alike, though quantities are limited.
  • Registration for the Garden Kits is now closed.

How It Works:

  • The Vegetable Kit features varieties in the trial stage of development and will populate a 12×15’ vegetable bed or several smaller beds. Seeds include carrots, turnips and beets, and seedlings include peas, lettuce, broccoli, pak choi, onion, chard, potato, basil, squash, cucumber, tomato, pepper, cabbages, parsley, kale, escarole, fennel, spinach and an oat & pea cover crop blend.
  • The Cut Flower Kit will populate two 7×3′ garden beds and will bloom from the end of June through October.
  • Garden Kit pick-ups take place in person on the Stone Barns Center campus to allow participants to pose questions to our farm team.

Questions about the Farm Share Program? Email info@stonebarnscenter.org.

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