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Our Hudson Valley campus, shared with our restaurant partner Blue Hill, is a living laboratory for interdisciplinary research experiments where visitors can learn through eating and exploring the grounds. 

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Embark on a Self-Guided Tour

Explore Stone Barns Center from anywhere with our new digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. The guide includes: 

  • A campus map
  • Stories behind our growing spaces
  • Insights into our Culinary Innovation Labs
  • Updates on our latest research projects
  • Land and building history

Whether you’re strolling through our growing spaces or visiting from home, download the app and learn about our work.

Ready to dig deeper?

Go behind the scenes into our growing spaces and culinary innovation labs on an Explore Tour. With cooks and farmers as your guides, learn about and taste our approach to whole grain baking, preservation and nose-to-tail butchery.


The Explore Tour


Where are the animals?

This map displays the most recent recorded location for our animal groups. We encourage exploration, but request respect of farmers’ work as well as animals by keeping a safe distance and staying on designated paths. Many fences are electrified for protection of animals. Please do not pet the animals.

livestock location map

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