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Photography Policy

Stone Barns Center

Upon entering the property, you grant to Stone Barns Center and its employees, agents and assignees the right to photograph you and your dependent(s) for use in Stone Barns Center print, electronic, and digital publications. Visitors are welcome to take photographs of Stone Barns Center for their own personal noncommercial use, and we encourage you to share your photos and tag us @stonebarns on Instagram! Please have in mind that Stone Barns Center often features the creative works of others, and this limited consent does not extend to works not owned by us.

Drone photography or filming is never permitted without the advance, express written consent of Stone Barns Center.

Professional photography shoots (e.g., personal, engagement, family portraits) may be scheduled by members at the Cultivator level and above. Shoots must be registered with Stone Barns Center in advance, and the member rate is $500 for a two-hour session. Please contact info@stonebarnscenter.org to submit your request.

We permit commercial photography and filming on site according to a strict set of guidelines and location fee. Permission and a location release must be secured in writing in advance. Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request:

  • Partners with mission alignment preferred.
  • Our rates will depend on the time required for the shoot, along with the number of cameras and locations, but as a general guideline, our rate for one camera in one location is $15,000 per day.
  • Monday and Tuesday filming strongly preferred
  • Commercial film productions will need to work with a site manager approved by Stone Barns Center, at their expense.

If your request adheres to these guidelines, please complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page, and a member of our Stone Barns Center events team will be in touch to make arrangements.

Anyone taking photographs or videos at Stone Barns Center must comply with all guidelines, rules and policies of Stone Barns Center.

Stone Barns Center shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of a third party’s photography or videography, or use of the Stone Barns Center for photography or videography purposes pursuant to this Photography Policy. To the fullest extent permitted by law, anyone taking photographs or videos at Stone Barns Center shall indemnify, defend and hold Stone Barns Center harmless for any claims, losses, liabilities or damages arising out of the such activities.

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